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Solution \so·lu·tion\: An action or process of solving a problem.

Our team doesn't believe in problems, only solutions. Creekside Property Solutions LLC was built on the principles of providing quality property management services at an affordable price. Our business revolves around protecting your rental property and insuring it remains profitable. We believe that no two customer's needs are the same, and that is why every proposal that we prepare is custom tailored to fit your individual requirements. We are a full service property management firm that has developed a revolutionary approach to fulfilling your expectations. For the first time in our service area homeowner's now have the ability to "pay per service", sign an annual contract for only the services they need, or sign up for a full service management plan. Creekside Property Solutions LLC has made the "all or nothing" approach to property management a distant memory for our customers.


As a leading provider of property management services, we take pride in offering the best solutions to satisfy your personal necessities. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and we are backed by over a decade in the property maintenance/management industry. We have the experience to develop a property management plan that will provide absolute management coverage for your rental property. Whether you have one property or one hundred properties, Creekside Property Solutions LLC is ready to assume the "hassles" that are often associated with managing a rental property. We also offer lawn care service, debris clearing, minor home repairs, and more. Visit our services page for more details.


Creekside Property Solutions LLC proudly serves the Eastern Shore of Maryland. From the bay to the beach our team can assist you with assessing the rental value of your home, marketing your property to promote efficient occupancy times, and preparing a property management plan that will allow you to enjoy your investment for years to come.