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Owner Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information Contact Us today and a member of our team will gladly answer all of your questions.


Is contracting a property manager required?

This is an answer that depends on where you live in relation to where your property is located. Some municipalities require an owner to contract a property manager if they do not live within a certain proximity of the property.. They use this for a local point of contact to relay information in the event of an emergency, property damage, or code infraction. Also some insurance underwriters and mortgage companies require the use of a property manager if the owner doesn't reside within a certain distance of your rental property. However, if your property doesn't fall into any of these parameters, then contracting a property manager is not required, just recommended.


Why should I contract a property manager?

Owning and managing a rental property can be a cumbersome process. Especially for people who own more than one. Most people who own a rental property do so as supplemental income, which means they also have a full time job. Tie that in with the hustle and bustel of day to day life and it can quickly become overbearing. There is much more to managing a rental property than collecting rent. Background checks on potential applicants, routine inspections should be done to ensure you aren't blindsided with costly repairs in between tenants, collecting past due rents, maintaining the property, contracting or completing repairs, staying abreast on the ever evolving regulations that various government agencies have for rental uints. And these are just a small example of the tasks that coincide with rental properties. A property manager ensures that every aspect of your property is taken care of and allows you to enjoy the additional income, without the hassles.


How do I know what property manager is right for me?

Almost all property management companies offer at least some of the same services. However each company will differ in the extent of what they do to protect your investment and the costs associated with the services. It pays to compare companies and see what each company has to offer. You will want to know what services are included in their property management fees, how much the additional services may cost you, how much the management fees are, do they have a tenant placement fee, are they willing to collect the rent, etc. Once you've compared cost versus coverage you can make an informed decision on which company you entrust with your investment.


Do property managers protect my property from damage?

We can't speak for what other property management companies do to protect your property. However, we conduct monthly exterior inspections and quarterly interior inspections. The inspection reports are maintained on file and available upon request. Even though this has proven to be a good safe guard against damage, there is no way to guarantee 100% that damage will never occur. We carefully select each tenant, conduct routine inspections, provide twenty four service for tenants to report a problem, and have hand selected the contractors that will be used to conduct repairs at your home.


I saw that you offer monthly exterior inspections, if I'm willing to pay extra will you conduct monthly interior inspections?

As much as we want to accommodate every owner's request, the answer to this question would be no. We as property managers have to maintain a delicate balance between adequately protecting your property and imposing on the tenant's privacy. We feel that an interior inspection every month would prove to negatively impact our relationship with the tenants. However, we reserve the right to enter the premises, unannounced, if we observe any condition during an exterior inspection that necessitates further investigation within the home.


We want to screen and place our own tenants, do you allow this?

Absolutely, we will never tell you that you can not search for your own tenants. We also highly recommend that unless your tenant screening process meets or exceeds ours, you allow us to handle the screening process. We have a very selective process that has proven to yield a high success rate in qualified tenant placement. We conduct credit checks, criminal background checks, income and employment verification, reference checks, and past landlord cross checks.


Do I have to use your service contractors, or will you call a contractor that I prefer?

Yes, we will be glad to call upon a contractor of your choice.  All of the companies on our "prefered contractors" list are checked annually to insure that their license is still in good standing, they have a good grade from the Better Business Bureau, and they carry the proper level of insurance coverage for their respective trades.


How do you conduct maintenance or repairs to my property?

This one depends on what exactly needs to be repaired or maintained. If the item does not require special licensing and is something that one of our staff is competent to take care of we will take care of it in house and bill you accordingly. If it requires a contractor due to licensing or skill requirements then we will contact the appropriate contractor for the job. We establish a preset limit with every property owner for a dollar amount that we are authorized to allocate for maintenance or repairs without prior approval. Anything above that amount will require your approval before your money is spent, unless we deem it necessary to authorize a repair above the preset limit because of an immediate threat to life or property. We stay in very close contact with all of our property owners, and very seldom do we complete any maintenance or repairs without prior approval.


How do I receive my rent payments?

This all depends on each owner's personal preference. You can elect for the rent payments to be sent directly to you, or you can have them sent to us. If the payments are sent to us, we deposit them and then send you a check once the funds have cleared  our account.


How do I pay for the management fees?

If you elect to have the rent payments sent directly to you then we will invoice you monthly for our management fees. If the rent payments are made payable to us then we deduct the cost of the management fees from the rent payment and send you the difference. For an added convenience we will deposit the remainder of the rent directly into your bank account if there's a branch local to us.