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Welcome to the Creekside Property Solutions LLC services page. We are the premier provider of property management serving the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Our goal is to provide the very best in property management and maintenance. Because our quality control standards are high, our property managers and approved contractors are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver solutions to your property management needs that exceed your expectations. We want you, our valued customer, to have the ability to experience only the positive aspects of owning a rental property, leaving the "hassles" to us. Here is a complete list of our services:



Qualified Tenant Screening

We strive to only lease your property to qualified, reputable applicants. We will handle conducting in person interviews, reference and employment checks, income verification, credit checks, and a criminal background check. The cost of these checks are billed directly to the applicant in the form of a $25 nonrefundable application processing fee. So only the very best applicants will be chosen, at no additional cost to our property owners.


Rent Payment Collection

We will process rent payments1, collect any past due amounts2, and either forward the payment directly to you or deposit the payment in an account you have designated. There are a few different options that we offer regarding payment collection and processing, which a representative will thoroughly explain during the management solution consultation.

1 We offer this as an option. This is not an assumed service but is offered at no additional cost. Speak with a representative for more details about this service.

2 The collection of past due payments does not include evicted or past tenants for any monies that exceeds the amount of tenants security deposit(s).


Monthly Drive By Inspections

Each month we will conduct an exterior inspection of your property. We will inspect to ensure that the lawn and landscape is being maintained in an acceptable manner. We will also visually inspect all of the exterior components of your property for damage, and report any unsatisfactory conditions to you immediately. Each monthly inspection will be documented and a report will be made available upon request.


Quarterly Inspections

Once per quarter a full inspection of the interior and exterior of your property will be conducted. We will inspect for damages, lease compliance, over occupancy, unsafe conditions, working smoke detectors, HVAC air filters are clean, signs of plumbing leaks, signs of roof leaks, that all lighting is operable, domestic water is functioning, water heater is working and thermostat is not above 120°F, HVAC equipment is functioning as it should. Any undesirable conditions found will be immediately reported. Quarterly inspections will be documented and a report will be available upon request.


Pre and Post Occupancy Inspections

We will inspect the entire property and note any damaged or missing items. The tenant will review this inspection and once both parties agree on the report accuracy it will be signed by us and the tenant. At the conclusion of the lease the property will be inspected and a report of the findings will be drafted. The tenant will also review this report, and once its agreed that the report is accurate both parties will sign it. These reports will be filed with the records for the property and if needed will assist in justifying deducting costs for repair from the security deposit.


Rental Registration

Some municipalities and other government agencies require the registration of a dwelling as a rental property. We will contact applicable agencies for clarification on the rental registration process, if there is any. We will complete all required documentation to insure your property is compliant with registration regulations. All fees associated with property registration will be the responsibility of the property owner.


Code Compliance

Federal, state, county, and municipal government laws/codes are constantly evolving. We specialize in staying abreast with the changes in these regulations that effect your rental property. We will promptly notify your of upcoming or current changes and develop an action plan to insure your property is compliant.



We maintain meticulous records on the income/expenses for your property. A monthly income/expense report will be provided every month. At the conclusion of the calendar year a detailed report will be generated that outlines the income/expense for the entire year. We even take it one step further than most in this industry. For an additional fee, we will use the rent payments received to pay property taxes, mortgage payments, our fees, etc, and deposit the remaining balance in a bank account designated by you. This service would allow you to just sit back and enjoy the extra income from your investment.


Home Repairs

We will personally complete all needed home repairs, as allowable by state and local laws. Our team is very diverse and will handle repairs including but not limited to lock hardware changes, screen replacement, appliance repair/replacement, air filter changes, minor drywall repairs, light bulb replacement, and any other repairs needed, as allowed by law. For the repairs that require special licensing we have an approved contractors list or can use a contractor of your choice. Our approved contractors are those whom we know are reputable companies serving the area, in the event you wish to use your own contractor we can not guarantee their licensing and insurance status. We have verified our approved contractors are in good standing with licensing requirements, and have received proof of required insurance coverage. The contractors on our "elite contractor" list also offer special labor rates or discounts that are available only to our clients. The costs needed to cover repairs are not included in the base management price, and are billed as needed. All repairs are quoted and approval is acquired prior to the commencement of any and all repair work.


Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance

We offer complete lawn and landscape maintenance for our property management customers or to homeowners who want to have a worry free lawn. For our property management customers, the cost of this service can be conveniently combined with the rent payments. For lawn care only customers we offer three convenient payment plans. The service can billed annually, monthly, or pay per cut. We will also clear yard wastes and debris following a storm, leaf removal during the fall season, refresh your mulch beds, and trim trees and bushes. Call us today and ask about our new lawn maintenance customer promos for the 2015 lawn season.


Post Occupancy Cleaning

We want to minimize the time that your property is vacant in between tenants. That's why we offer post occupancy cleaning. We start this process two weeks prior to the end of the lease. We will schedule with the current tenant to gain access to your property. The cleanliness of the home will be evaluated and a cleaning cost estimate will be provided to you. We will begin cleaning the day after the lease has terminated (Monday-Saturday). Any areas previously quoted that were taken care of by the tenant prior to leaving shall be removed from the quoted price and you will only be billed for the work we perform.