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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our available homes and provide the answers here. If you need additional information Contact Us today and a member of our team will gladly answer all of your questions.


Will it cost me anything to file an application for a property?

Yes, any applicant who is placing an application for an available property will be charged a nonrefundable application processing fee of $35. This fee covers the costs incurred by us to verify income, reference checks, credit checks, and criminal background checks on potential applicants and any other occupants who will be living in the home that are over the age of 18. Any applicant who is denied will be notified in writing as to the circumstances that resulted in the denial. Applicants will not be charged the processing fee if they're submitting an application to remain on file for a future property opening, applicant will only be charged when a property they are interested in has come available.


What other costs may I have to pay prior to moving into my new home?

As with all of our properties, all approved applicants will have to pay the security deposit(s) and the first months rent prior to the scheduled move in date. You may also have to pay deposits for any utilities associated with the home. We strongly suggest that all applicants contact their utility provider of choice and verify any start up costs prior to signing the lease, this will allow you to avoid any surprise costs.


How do I submit an application?

There are multiple ways that you may submit an application. There is a pdf version of the application attached to the "click here" button below, after completing the application it must be printed and signed. You can request an application be mailed to your current address by utilizing the contact us page. Lastly a member of our team will gladly schedule an appointment and personally deliver an application to you. After you've completed and signed your application the paper copy can be scanned and emailed to, picked up in person by a member of our team, or mailed to:

Creekside Property Solutions LLC

P.O. Box 3516

Salisbury, MD 21802


Can I have pets?

This will vary from property to property. We have some property owners who allow pets for an added security deposit, and others do not allow pets at all. If you have pets and are interested in a listing that is not pet friendly, still contact us. Some property owners will allow certain pets with special permissions, and our team is more than happy to try to negotiate an agreement to place you in your ideal home. 


Do I have to pay for repairs to the home I'm renting?

It is ultimately the tenant's responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and general upkeep of the home in a manner that reduces the risk of damage to the property. It is the tenants responsibility to change any failed light bulbs, to change the HVAC air filters monthly, use appliances only as they were designed, and any other conditions explicitly defined in the lease agreement. If the damage is the result of tenant negligence or malicious acts, then the tenant can be held financially responsible for repairs. Also remember you are also responsible for the actions of not only yourself, your family, your pets, and any visitors. The owner is responsible for general maintenance and repair costs not associated with damages that resulted from negligence or malicious acts.


Will you or the owner walk into my home unannounced?

Even though the Real Property Code of Maryland does not explicitly govern the requirement to notify the intent of entering a property, it is not our intent to infringe on your privacy. It is our policy that we make the attempt to notify you at least 72 hours in advance, prior to the property owner or a member of our team entering your leased property. The exception to the 72 hour notice would be in the event of an emergency situation, or during one of the scheduled home inspections. The full terms and conditions surrounding this topic is clearly defined in the lease agreement.


How do I pay my rent?

This will depend on the agreement between us and the owner of the property you are leasing. If the property owner wishes to receive the payments directly then payment arrangements will vary from owner to owner, however your options for payment will be clearly defined prior to your signing the lease agreement, and all payment terms will be recorded in the lease agreement. If the property owner wishes for us to collect rent payments then you have the following options; mail your rent payments to our P.O. Box address recorded in your lease, mailed payments can not contain cash. You can schedule for a member of our team to meet you to secure a cash, credit card, or check payment. Lastly you can contact us by phone and pay your payment via credit card over the phone. Be advised there are additional processing fees associated with processing credit cards by phone. All fees will be reported to you before each telephone transaction is completed.


Do I have to maintain my lawn and shrubbery, or is it included in the rent?

This answer also varies from property to property. Some of our owners include lawn and landscape maintenance as an added convenience fro our tenants. Other owners have declared that to be the responsibility of the tenant. As an added convenience for those tenants who have to maintain the lawn and landscape themselves, we offer an "Exterior Aesthetics Package". The cost of these packages can be conveniently added to your rent payments. Please ask a representative more about these packages during your interview or call us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.